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My Company is Hiring Software Developers and Consultants

The company that I work for, Pariveda Solutions, is hiring software developers and consultants of all levels. We write software at all scales, working with small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Pariveda Solutions is an ESOP-based IT Consulting firm currently hiring for our offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, and New York offices.

What We Do

  • Work directly with clients on site
  • Small teams project software that we pitch to the clients
  • Constantly learn and grow (You’ll have access to all Pluralsight videos, quizzes and exercise files)
  • Provide abstract solutions to hard problems
  • Write code in a variety of languages:
    • Java
    • C#
    • C/C++
    • Web Programming Languages (JavaScript, CSS, HTML5)
    • Mobile Programming Languages (iOS, Android)
  • Perform all roles in software (Developer, Tester, Project Manager, Software Architect, Client Facing)
  • Engage in all steps of the SDLC using Agile methodology
  • And much more …

General Information

Pariveda Solutions is an award winning software development and management consulting firm. Our goal is to be the #1 privately held IT consulting firm in the world and our future looks bright. This is truly a great place to work – focused on career development, filled with smart, passionate people who care about the work they do.

7 Reasons You Should Consider Pariveda Solutions

  • Full time, salaried position with strong base compensation and profit sharing
  • Award winning company (Consulting Magazine’s “Small Jewels” list, Employer of Excellence, Best Places to Work, INC 500/5000 Fastest Growing Company list)
  • Employee ownership in company (privately held company with Employee Stock Ownership Plan – at all levels)
  • Clear career path (project reviews, semi-annual reviews for promotion) Excellent benefits (company paid premiums for healthcare/dental, medical concierge service, 4% 401K matching day one, 60 day mandatory paid sabbatical for principals and above at 5 years of service)
  • Small teams structure leads to accelerated skills growth *Continual internal knowledge sharing and training

Let me know if you’re interested by leaving a comment below! Look forward to hearing from you!

How to Calculate Your Federal Tax Withholding

Have you ever wondered, “How do I calculate my federal tax withholding?” I’ve always wanted to know how to calculate my federal tax withholding. In fact one time I allowed my federal tax withholding to be maxed out. As expected, the paycheck was incredibly low because of the 0 allowances. But my annual tax return that year was very high! Now that I’m starting a new job this week and need to submit my W-4 with my employer, I wanted to find a way to see how the number of allowances would impact my annual tax return. I found an awesome site that enables you to do just that! This site allows you to fill in a form and gives you an estimate of how accurate you are. And suggests the changes you need to make to your allowances. Now you can keep more of your hard earned income for each paycheck you receive! In addition to seeing how this would impact your annual tax return, you can include whether you make contributions to an IRA. For your reference, for 2013 the maximum amount of contributions that you can make to all your traditional or Roth IRA accounts is $5,500.

What’s my Recommendation?
I highly recommend CalcXML’s Federal Tax Withholding calculator over the IRS calculator which told me to put 16 allowances!!! If I input 16 allowances into the the above link, it foretells my tax demise! Don’t get into a shortfall, visit CalcXML’s Federal Tax Withholding calculator today! To all my fellow new college hires, go ahead and calculate your federal tax withholding today! If you have any comments or have found your own favorite resource I encourage you to comment below!

DISCLAIMER: This post is intended to document my own experience. Always seek professional tax advice if you are concerned about your W-4.

Productivity Pomodoro Technique Web App: Rhapsody App

Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 12.45.21 AM

The previous website that I reviewed called Pomodoro Crate has rebranded as Rhapsody App. The site is a pomodoro technique web app which is a type time management technique. The pomodoro technique is simply listing out the tasks that you need to complete for the day and also for the week. Then for each task it is assigning the number of pomodoros that it will take to complete that task. If it will take more than five pomodoros then you should break that task up into two tasks and etc.

What is a pomodoro?

That’s a great question! A pomodoro is defined as 25 minutes of uninterrupted time focussed on a task from the list that you created. Once you have completed a pomodoro you decrement the number of pomodoros that are left for that task. Then you take a 5 minute break. When the break is over you come back and start another pomodoro. Once you have completed that task you can mark it as complete and move onto the next task! It is that simple!

Advantages of the Pomodoro Technique

The advantage of the pomodoro technique is it is very simple to understand and to start using. All you need is a timer, a sheet of paper, a pencil and the items required for your task. Originally the timer was in the shape of a pomodoro (meaning a tomato in Italian).

Disadvantages of the Pomodoro Technique

If you are interrupted during a pomodoro session then that pomodoro has to be voided or discarded and you have to start another pomodoro. I think the reason why this is the case is to discourage you from being distracted or allowing yourself to be distracted. It helps to let those around you know that you will be doing a pomodoro and to not disturb you until afterwards. The difficulty behind doing so is that you may experience moments of social awkwardness.

Another disadvantage is that if you find yourself in a groove after 25 minutes you have to stop and take break. I personally prefer 50 minutes for my pomodoro. The Rhapsody App allows you to set the pomodoro time under “Settings”.


The pomodoro technique is a very useful tool to help you get started if you need a little push. However, once you have found your groove or are in the zone then you may want to extend your time of concentration. I personally feel that doing so is not a problem because the purpose of the tool is to be more productivity. At my university they use 50 minutes for a lecture period. So to help train me to focus better in class, I set my pomodoro time to 50 minutes when I use the Rhapsody App. I did this tonight when I was preparing for my Physics exam and found that I was able to concentrate and complete a lot of what I wanted to get done. Once I had finished the 50 minute pomodoro, I realized the library would close before the end of the next pomodoro so I set the pomodoro time to 15 minutes. Rhapsody App makes this very simple and easy to do. I would highly recommend that you start using Rhapsody App to get more things done. It’s easy and free to sign up for an account today.

Chinese Immersion Schools Site Launched

UPDATE: New site coming soon with Mandarin Courses!

Chinese Immersion Schools in the USA

At the start of the new year, I launched a new website called Chinese Immersion Schools. This website allows you to search for Chinese immersion schools in your area within a maximum radius of 20 miles and a minimum radius of 5 miles. Chinese immersion schools are growing in popularity in the United States. At Chinese immersion schools children can learn their regular classroom instruction in the Mandarin language. Some Chinese immersion schools conducting classroom instruction completely in Mandarin while other chinese immersion schools conducting classes in 50% Mandarin and 50% English. Other language immersion programs are available across the United States such as the Spanish immersion . Chinese Immersion Schools features a map of the United States which contains all the Mandarin immersion programs throughout the nation. The list of the Mandarin immersion schools was provided by Elizabeth Weise of the Mandarin Immersion Parents Council. I really appreciate her providing the list of schools.

Newest Feature Added

Last night I also added a Forum for visitors to talk about their experience with Mandarin immersion programs and to receive any help with the website. My goal in creating the Chinese Immersion Schools website was to provide the mandarin immersion community with the opportunity to unite together and find the best information in regards to a Mandarin immersion program for their children.

Future Feature

In the next release, it will feature a “Submit Your School” function which will allow Chinese immersion schools across the nation to submit their school to the searchable database. Users will need to sign in with either a Google Account or a Facebook Account.

My hope is that if the Chinese Immersion Schools site is a success then I will build a Spanish Immersion Schools site.

Solution to Google Apps: There is was a problem transitioning one or more of your accounts

If you have Google Apps and you just tried to upgrade your accounts but you got the error above.

  1. Remove the email associated to your domain from the google account via login at google accounts and going to my account and remove
  2. Then point your browser to this link
  3. Follow the instructions
  4. Log-out of your Google Apps product
  5. Log back in and follow the instructions
  6. Viola! You’re upgraded

What do you “want to” be?

Consider for a moment who you really want to be at the end of your life. Do you want to be rich? Or famous? Do you want to have a close relationship to the ones you love? What do you want most out of life?

Take out a piece of paper and a pen or open up a word processor and begin to write out the characteristics, attributes and relationships you want to have. Basically, write out your long term goals and your core values (the things that drive you to be at your very best). When you’ve completed this exercise, plan out milestones in your life that can help you keep track of your progress toward achieving that goal (i.e. characteristics, attributes, or relationships). They will be your long-term goals or accomplishments that you want to achieve in your lifetime.

Next, plan out mid-range goals that take anywhere from 1-5 years to complete. For example, if you are a college student, you may plan to graduate within 3 years in your chosen discipline. After recording your mid-range goal, make sure that they coincidewith your long-term goals. Next, you’ll want to setup short-term goals. Continuing with our example of a college student graduating in 3 years; a short-term goal would be to complete your introductory courses in the first semester or term with a B+ average.

You will further break down to monthly and weekly goals which would correspond to assignments, tests and projects for your courses. This example has dealt with college goals, but the same principle can be applied to your career or any other areas of your life. On the lowest level, create daily goals and tasks. On a new piece of paper, write down, “Schedule” on the left hand side, in the middle write “To Do List”, then on the right hand side write down, “Things to Remember”.

Now begin to write down your schedule for the day, such as when you have work, when you want to exercise. Next, write down the things you need to accomplish that day depending on importance and how urgent it is. Lastly, as you are going throughout the day, fill in the area under “Things to Remember” when you come across important things that you need to do; record it down for a future date. I suggest that you  repeat the short-term goals and task planning on a day to day basis, and a similar planning session once a week for a weekly planning session, and a monthly planning session once a month to re-align your efforts with your goals, and an annual planning session as outlined in the first paragraph of this article to see if your annual goals match your mid-range goals and long-term goals.

Doing this iterative process will help you keep a vision of what you want to accomplish on any given day of the year, during any month of the year, and for any year during your life. You will ultimately find that your finale will be a beautiful crescendo and you will become what you “want to” be!

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