Being More Productive and Staying Connected

Being More Productive and Staying Connected

Being more productive and staying connected can be  challenging at times but with the right technology life can be a lot simpler. The following are some apps that I recommend which have helped me and I hope will help you to stay connected and productive in your everyday routine:

Shapr is an app for meeting new connections. The app uses your location to suggest possible connections to add that live nearby. In some ways you can call it a tinder for business networking. Shapr presents a number of suggestions each day. You can swipe through them and after you swipe through them if you want to have more suggestions you’ll need to wait for some time before you can go swipe through some additional suggested connections.

Coach.me is an app that allows you track how you’re doing for anything you want which helps in being more productive and staying connected. If the item that you want to track doesn’t exist in their database, you can add it to their database. I’ve used it to help me drink more water, get more sleep, exercise regularly and other habits that I’ve been wanting to track. The app allows you to specify how many times you want an item to be tracked in a week and also if you want to receive a reminder. In addition the app has various goals that you can add that comes with a checklist of how to accomplish them. You can connect with other people who have also added the same goals to support one another.

Kindle is an app that is created by Amazon that allows you to read your Kindle books without having to own a Kindle Reader. Certain Kindle books have a feature called WhisperSync which provides an audio version of the kindle book and follows along within the kindle book which makes it easy to switch between audio version and kindle version. They have an app for both Apple and Android. With there mobile app so readily need available it helps in being more productive and staying connected with the world.

LinkedIn is one my favorite apps it allows you to continue being more productive and staying connected. It enables you to network with individuals that you meet in business or networking events. They now have an instant messaging feature which is great if you’re on the go all the time but want to stay connected with your LinkedIn connections.

Google Maps in my opinion is the best navigation app that currently exists on the App Store. One of my favorite features is being able to set your Work and Home locations. Once you have those locations set you can just search for either of them and the address that you set will be searched within the app. Google Maps also makes it easy to let others find where you are by allowing you to send your location.

The app also allows you to store where you parked. These features make it easier to navigate your way around the city and helps save you time which helps you arrive at your destination sooner helping you in being productive and staying connected by being able to meet your friends for lunch.

MyFitnessPal is a great app for tracking your calories, your water intake, your exercise and etc. There are challenges that you can join that are sponsored by companies like UnderArmor or Subway. I’ve used this app to help me go from the 120 pounds to 150 pounds. Whatever calorie goal you are shooting fid MyFitnessPal can help you get there. You can set your calorie goal from within the app. You can set your macro nutrient percentages and then while you are adding items for your calories it gives you feedback on how your doing so far for the current day in comparison to the macro nutrient percentage you set. I encourage you to start by downloading this app and begin tracking your calories, exercises, water intake and etc.

Yelp is an amazing app for finding great places to eat, visit, or do an activity at. Usually we pick places that have a Yelp rating of at least 4 stars. I like reading the through the reviews to see how other people have enjoyed going to these places before I drive down there. Yelp makes it easy to share a place with the in Message Yelp feature on iOS. This app helps in being productive and staying connected by helping you find top lunch spots to meet at for business networking.

Viber is a free messaging and calling system.  In order to call or send a free text you have to use the app to call or text through their system. The quality of the calls are quite good. You can also do a video call. Viber helps me stay connected with my relatives overseas. I’m able to have conversations with them over phone or text all for free which makes it more possible for being prodtive and staying connected with loved ones overseas.

Microsoft To Do is my new favorite productivity app for being more productive and staying connected. Wunderlist was bought by Microsoft and shortly afterwards they created Microsoft To Do. It has a great user experience and the app is really easy to use. There’s a My Day view that shows you what tasks are to be done for the current day. There’s also a To Do view which shows you all the items that need to be done.

When you create or edit an event you can specify if you want to have it appear on the My Day view. You can also set reminders to help you remember to work on the task. You can also set a due date. I enjoy using the app and I’m looking forward to other features that the Microsoft To Do team will release. I like to create Tasman to help me remember to call or text someone this helps me with being more productive and staying connected with them

Facebook app is a great way to keep connected with friends and family on a personal level. Like LinkedIn, it allows you to stay connected but it focuses on personal friendships and family relationships. It also serves as a news channel because of the various posts that people are posting all the time. A neat feature that Facebook offers is Groups. You can create groups for any topic. Groups allow you to have discussions about a specific topic. You can create event pages for weddings or other types of events. You can also create a business page for your business to build a following. Facebook bought Instagram so when you share posts on Facebook you can also choose to share the same post on  instagram! This saves you time from posting it twice.

Is being more productive and staying connected one of your goals? If so the above apps will help you achieve it.  I hope these apps help you stay productive and connected with those around you. If you have any apps that you’d like to share or recommend please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

Nathan Yeung is a mid-level software developer at Xome. He is married to Kris and a dad of 4 amazing kids. He has a deep interest in web development and mobile hybrid application development. When he is not programming, he enjoys reading, cooking and trying out new recipes.

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