Birthday Was Awesome

Hi Guys,

I recently had a birthday! It was the best thanks to my wife. I got some awesome gifts this year. First gift was from Kristine. It was a nice thermos for hot chocolate during the cold winters of Dallas. She got it from Starbucks. She got the same one that she got for my awesome sister Cel. We now have matching thermoses. Her parents got me a $50 dollar Amazon gift card! Next, I got a box full of candy and my favorite bag of chips (Lays Salt and Pepper chips) you got to try them if you haven’t. She also gave me a CD for The Work: A Nashville Tribute to Missionaries. I recorded myself singing to first two songs. You can check it out. Leave comments the more feedback the better. I have to say that I’m sick right now so that might be why I sound off on some notes.

Lastly, I got a special jacket from my mom from H&M.

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