Bulking Up in 2017 – Part One

One of my lifelong goals has always been to be at a healthy weight. So I’ve decided that I’m bulking up in 2017! I have recently joined 24 Hour Fitness at the San Clemente location in Orange County and I’m going to start a personal training program with personal trainer Steve B. this week. I’m going to do everything he says. I’m super excited about starting this program because I have always been a skinny kid.

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In 2003, I attended the Five Star Basketball camp which is one of the top basketball camps in the nation. In the camp we had tournament games that I’d play in and I’d get knocked over and they’d call a charging foul on my defender. This was the first time I realized I was too skinny.

As you can see, not much size in this picture in fact my sister’s dog was probably bigger than me. I was about 115 pounds in this picture. I wore workout pants instead of shorts because my legs were so skinny. I’m not as skinny anymore but even though I’m a little heavier I still choose to wear pants over shorts because of my skinny legs. I currently weigh in at 141 pounds.

Basically, my face is fuller and I have a noticeable belly now but I still have skinny arms and skinny legs. I’d like all that to change. I’d like to have stronger muscular arms and legs that don’t look like chopsticks anymore.

My target weight is 150 pounds in phase 1 (first half of the year). I plan to make working out and eating right my habits and I’m committed to working out at least four times a week. I hope to get to 160 pounds in phase 2 (end of the year). Bulking up in 2017 would mean that I would be at a normal weight and I will be healthier and not get sick as much. That’ll be pretty awesome for me because right now I don’t know what that feels like but I am really looking forward to it. Bulking up in 2017 would mean that I achieved one of my biggest goals of my life. That will be a big accomplishment for me.

I’ll be documenting the whole thing and you’ll be able to follow my progress right here on my blog. There’s going to be a lot of work ahead of me and a lot of eating in the next few months but if I do those things then bulking up in 2017 will be a reality – my reality.

I’ll be taking pictures and posting updates regularly.


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