Bulking Up in 2017 – Part Two

Hey Guys, since my last update I’ve put on more pounds and I’m at 150 pounds! My secret to gaining this weight is a weight gainer by Optimum Nutrition called Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer – High Protein Gainer. I’ve used it these past couple of months and it has really helped me put on an additional 11 pounds. I try to take this after a good meal that way I can make sure I eat well still. With this weight gainer I’m able to hit my daily 3000 calories goal. If I didn’t take this weight gainer it’s hard to hit my daily calories goal. If you’re bulking up in 2017 and you want to put on more pounds, I highly recommend taking Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer – High Protein Gainer. It really does work and makes it easy for you to get your daily calories intake.

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