Chinese Immersion Schools Launched

At the start of the new year, I launched a new website called Chinese Immersion Schools. This website allows you to search for Chinese immersion schools in your area within a maximum radius of 20 miles and a minimum radius of 5 miles. Chinese immersion schools are growing in popularity in the United States. At Chinese immersion schools children can learn their regular classroom instruction in the Mandarin language. Some Chinese immersion schools conducting classroom instruction completely in Mandarin while other Chinese immersion schools conducting classes in 50% Mandarin and 50% English. Other language immersion programs are available across the United States such as the Spanish immersion . Chinese Immersion Schools features a map of the United States which contains all the Mandarin immersion programs throughout the nation. The list of the Mandarin immersion schools was provided by Elizabeth Weise of the Mandarin Immersion Parents Council. I really appreciate her providing the list of schools.

Newest Feature Added
Last night I also added a Forum for visitors to talk about their experience with Mandarin immersion programs and to receive any help with the website. My goal in creating the Chinese Immersion Schools website was to provide the mandarin immersion community with the opportunity to unite together and find the best information in regards to a Mandarin immersion program for their children.

Future Feature
In the next release, it will feature a “Submit Your School” function which will allow Chinese immersion schools across the nation to submit their school to the searchable database. Users will need to sign in with either a Google Account or a Facebook Account.

My hope is that if the Chinese Immersion Schools site is a success then I will build a Spanish Immersion Schools site.

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