Favorite Business Tools and Resources

If you’re looking for a way to financial freedom I have a few suggestions.

Best Domain Name Service: Cloudflare

Cloudflare is the premier domain name service and the part is that it comes with a free plan. You can add your own domains to the dashboard and use Cloudflare’s DNS.

Website Hosting for Websites: Inmotion Hosting

This hosting company InMotion Hosting is fast in Asia. One of my clients had her colleague in China test it out and the speed was very fast and the site was accessible. Their shared hosting plans start at around $2.99 a month.

Real Estate Course Trainings (California): Agent Advice

Agent Advice was selected because if you’re a new business owner looking to get your start in real estate you can get your course for free if you successfully complete the course and pass the exam and use one of Agent Advice’s selected brokerages and Real Estate Schools.

Course for E-commerce: Dropship Lifestyle

Dropship Lifestyle is an excellent program that will get you from 0-60 mph in a few months. Once you get started you’ll feel the momentum coming in. The course takes a considerable investment of capital but can pay dividends of the life of your store.

Business Consulting (Orange County/Inland Empire): Orange County Inland Empire SBDC

OCIE Small Business Development Center is an amazing local SBDC that has a lot of great resources like learning how to do digital marketing, business formation, sales and writing proposals for getting funding. Their services can get your start!

Freelancing Platform: Use your own payment links with Stripe by creating an account and by creating your own wordpress website with InMotion Hosting.

If you’re looking to get going but you’re not really have the luck you were hoping for from using a freelancing platform I recommend creating a stripe account. This will enable you to accept payment from customers that would like to pay with a credit card or other third party payment options. This allows you to build out your own platform without having to give away approximately 2.9% on every deal you close.

E-commerce Store: Shopify

Shopify is a great option because it provides an out of the box solution for anyone that is interested in getting an online store up and running in a timely manner. They provide inventory management and it can accommodate many product variants now. Their basic plan starts at $29 and their mid-tier plan starts at $79.


These are some tools that have helped me as I continue to build out my businesses and I hope they will help you in your journey to success!

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