How to Prepare for a Software Engineer Interview

How to Prepare for a Software Engineer Interview

  1. If you have the skill or technology on your resume be ready to answer questions about it. Since the interviewer will only have a short window of time to evaluate your skills and they will be referring to your resume to figure out what questions to ask that will help them determine if they should hire you. It’s important that you update your resume to reflect the skills you want to highlight for the hiring manager before you submit it with the job application.
  2. If you have any work experiences that matches the job description prepare some examples that can showcase that experience in your conversation with the hiring manager.
  3. Prepare three thoughtful questions about the company, the team, the environment and etc. This will demonstrate to the hiring manager or interviewer that you are interested in the opportunity.
  4. Review relevant software engineering topics, programming language books, databases and other topics. You can gauge where you should spend your time and attention by using the job description as a study guide.

TIP: As you go through your job search make sure to save the job descriptions of the jobs you are applying for so you can refer to them if you get an interview!

As you prepare see if there is anyone in your LinkedIn network that has worked at the company that you could call, text or take to lunch or breakfast that might be able to give you some insight into the company and the opportunity or the tech stack they use.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll reply to you shortly.

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