Sender Unknown

Disclaimer: Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination.

Jon Jones lived in Eagle, a small remote village twenty miles from Lakeside the nearest city. Jon was perusing Eagle’s Eye, the morning newspaper while eating his bacon and eggs breakfast when the telephone rang. Jon wasn’t too keen about being interrupted midway of his morning routine. But, he thought to himself, “Duty calls”. After the third ring he picked up the phone. Jon answered and said, “Hello, Mr. Jones speaking. How may I help you?”

“This Robert Willams down in Lakeside and I need your assistance with several matters that have been troubling me,” said the businessman. He continued, “I would like you to come visit me at my mansion at 1347 Remington Lane.” Jon thought he remembered the name. Then he knew why. Robert was one of the richest men in Lakeside. He owned an hundred acre ranch in the countryside and his company, ‘Three Pillars’ was the leading manufacterer of computer technology in the country. Jon told the man, “I’ll be over there as soon as possible,” and then hung up the phone.

Jon quickly grabbed his keys and dashed out the door that lead to the garage where his four wheel drive Honda CRV lay. He got in, slammed the door and openned the garage. Backing out as fast as he could he headed toward 1347 Remington Lane.

“Mr. Jones, thanks for coming on such short notice,” said Robert Williams.

“Anytime, anytime. So how may I be of assitance?” Replied the detective.

“A few weeks ago I received a memo from a sender unknown. The memo did not come by the regular mail it was given to one of my maids. When I returned from my days work my maid delivered the note. I have brought it along with me. It says that ‘there’s nothing like digits of the metal that drives a man insane’. Shortly after reading the note the telephone rang and I picked it up but when I got to the phone it got cut off. I’m afraid I cannot figure out the meaning of these events and I wish for your assitance.”

“May I have a glance at the memo,” inquired Jon and Robert nodded handing the memo over.

After a brief moment Mr. Jones handed the memo over and said, “Can you take me to the phone that you have mentioned? I would like to have a glance.”

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